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Student-Athlete Registration -- **NEW PROCESS**


FCPS has launched a new process for each school to register student athletes for athletic seasons. Link Below! We are excited about this new platform as it allows students and their families to have a central location for completing required documents. On the site, you will be asked to register your family once, receiving a username and password. You will then have the ability to register by season and student to complete Emergency Care information as well as concussion education. The site also has the ability to be translated into any language. START NOW!!! Winter Season begins December 7th (Basketball) and 14th (Wrestling, Swim/Dive, Winter Track). CLICK HERE:

Please note- if you have already completed an emergency care card for preseason workouts, you will still need to complete the Emergency Care information on the registration site. (Sorry!) In addition, you will still be required to turn in your VHSL Physicals to the activities office.

Step By Step Directions

Try-out Requirements

Prior to participation in sports at Justice High School, students must submit a completed VHSL physical form (including medical insurance information). DO NOT submit the physical form to your coach. The physical form should be turned in to the athletic training office or the activities office. It is not recommended that you drop off forms in the main office, but if you choose to do so, please ask them to put them in Mr. Berg's mailbox. Alternatively, you can scan your forms as a PDF file and email them to Mr. Berg.
2021-2022 VHSL Physical Form - Physical forms must be dated by the physician no earlier than May 1, 2020 to be valid for the 2020-2021 school year. Only the "Revised February 2017" version of the VHSL form is acceptable. Please make sure all lines are completed and all boxes are checked. Parent/Guardian signatures are required in three places. Student signatures are required in two places. The physician must indicate the appropriate participation level for the student as well as sign and date the form on page 3. Incomplete physical forms will result in a delay in the student's ability to participate in their sport.

Student Accident Insurance - As indicated on page 4 of the VHSL physical form, all student-athletes are required to have medical insurance. If the student is not covered by a family insurance policy, K&K Insurance Group has student accident insurance coverage available for purchase by parents. Additionally, even if you have other coverage, this plan can help fill expensive gaps caused by deductibles and co-pays.

There are three types of insurance that K&K offers:

  • At School Coverage - Provides coverage for injuries sustained at school or during school sponsored athletics and activities until the end of the regular school term
  • 24 Hour Coverage - Provides coverage for injuries sustained all year long; 24 hours a day until one year after the date the school year begins.
  • High School Football Coverage - Provides coverage for injuries sustained while practicing or participating in High School Football. All football players who are not covered under another insurance policy with their family, must purchase football coverage. Football coverage does not provide coverage for any other sports. Students who intend to play football plus another sport, should purchase the football insurance plus "at school" or "24 hour" coverage.
If you choose to purchase insurance through K&K, you will receive an insurance card (see below) via email attachment from the company. This will need to be submitted along with the VHSL physical form as verification of insurance coverage.

Emergency Care Form - Student-athletes are required to submit an emergency care form for each sports/activity that they participate in. This form should be turned in to the individual sport coach. This is in addition to the form that is turned in to the school at the beginning of the school year. Pro tip: Fill it out once and make lots of copies.
Additional Forms - Additional forms specific to each team may also be required. Please check with the specific sport's coach for details regarding other forms that may be required.

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